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​​​ Q. How do I go about getting my meat processed after the hunt?

A. We work with Mohave Meat Co in Kingman, AZ to take care of your meat processing needs. After your hunt, your guide will hang your kill for skinning and cleaning. The carcass can be hung in our walk-in cooler/freezer. We can help pack your carcass in your coolers for you to transport to your butcher.

Q. Do you offer taxidermy services?

A. We partner with two taxidermy services, H&B Skull Co in Kingman, AZ and Authentic Taxidermy LLC in Chino Valley, AZ.

Q. What if I cannot locate my animal after shooting it?
A. This is a very rare but not altogether impossible scenario. Our guides will make every effort to secure your kill, but if you wound an animal, recovery is not always possible…at least not before the coyotes get to it overnight. In these rare instances your hunt is over and additional charges apply if you wish to shoot another animal. We recommend you only take shots you are comfortable with and put in your time to stalk close to your game to avoid this happening. Aim small, miss small. Don’t take unnecessarily long shots. The farther away you are, the harder it is to track your animal.

Q. What inherent dangers or risks are there at Dunton Ranch?

A. Like all wilderness areas, there are plants, animals and trails that can hurt you. Poison oak, cactus, steep cliffs, wild and domestic animals can all pose a threat. There aren’t a lot of rattlesnakes at this elevation but in the warm months it is best to watch your step because we do find a few every year. Javelina and wild boar can charge a person if they feel threatened (especially if wounded) and some of the watering holes are frequented by cattle which can be unpredictable on occasion. Though nobody has been seriously injured at Dunton Ranch, there are risks and you will be required to sign a waiver releasing Dunton Ranch from liability if you are injured or killed while on the property (as unlikely as that is). Odds are you are in more danger of injury or death while driving on the freeway coming here than you are once you arrive.

Q. Is tipping customary?

A. This is one of the most common questions we are asked. Our guides are local young men who do this work for the love of the sport and the thrill of the hunt. They will assist you in locating game, planning your stalk, taking photos or video of your hunt/kill, provide field dressing (if desired) and transportation of your kill to our game box. The average tip is usually $100 per hunter or 20%-25% of the price of the hunt. Of course, your tip should reflect your actual experience with your guide.

Q. What caliber rifle should I use for my hunt?
A.We recommend anything .223 or larger with quality ammunition.

Q. Is there a place to sight in my rifle or bow?
A. Yes, you may zero your rifle or target practice with your bow at the
ranch. Feel free to bring your own paper targets or archery block.

Q. What if I don’t own a weapon? Do you have them available?
A. Rifles are available for rent at $50 per rifle. Ammunition for the
hunt is included. Additional ammo may be purchased as available.
Hunters using rented rifles are responsible for any damage they do.
So, avoid falling off the mountain with one of our guns.

Archery equipment is not available because, unlike a rifle, shooting a
bow requires practice to perfect your form. Hunters shooting bows need
to be proficient to at least 20 yards before bowhunting.

Q. Do I need a hunting or fishing license?
A. You do not need a license to hunt private stock at the Dunton
Ranch. You do not need a fishing license to fish the private ponds at
Dunton Ranch. You do need an Arizona hunting license to hunt varmints and coyotes.

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