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Feral Hogs $600 up to 300 lbs
Russian Hogs $600 up to 200 lbs
Ossabaw Hogs $600 up to 200 lbs
Mangalicia Hogs $600 up to 200lbs


Navajo Churro $700 and up
Rambouillet $700 and up
Texas Dall $800 and up
Black Hawaiian $800 and up
Corsican $800 and up
Painted Desert $800 and up
4-horn $800 and up
Spanish Billies $800 and up

Trophy fees based off of the size of the curl. Example Pricing:

3/4-Full Curl: $1000

Full Curl-1 1/5 Curl: $1500

Over 1 1/5 curl priced per ram.


Cows and yearlings $3500
Mature Bulls $4500 and up
Watusi $3500 and up

Asian Water Buffalo $3500 and up

A $200 minimum gratuity will be added to the bill 

For lodging prices see the "Lodging" page.


-All major credit cards excepted. 3% FEE FOR CARD PROCESSING.

 Cash accepted.

- A $100/hunter deposit is required. This deposit is non refundable in the case of cancellation.

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